Easter 2014

I went way overboard with Easter this year mostly because its been the first year that Kade could take part in an Easter egg hunt because last year he was immobile.

As soon as Woolies started putting out their awesome Easter stuff this year I started buying it.  Windmills, glow in the dark eggs, the bug eggs, you name it I bought it.

I had so much fun with it this year.  Telling Kade about the Easter bunny and also explaining that it is actually all about Jesus who died for us and rose again.  I got to make an Easter hat with him this year (we missed this also cos of the broken femur last year) and we had fun hyping it all up for him.

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We let him plant “magic jelly beans” in the garden on Saturday night.  We told him that something wonderful would grow in those spots.  He was so careful to plant them well and to water them just right!

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He was so excited to find bunnies and eggs and windmills in the spots he had planted his magic beans, it was so wonderful to watch.  He was convinced that he had seen the Easter bunny running around in our garden.  “It was THIS big Mommy”.

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For so many years I didn’t believe that I would be able to see the simple joy in occasions such as these because I wasn’t sure if we would have children, so being able to foster his imagination with tales of a bunny who hides chocolate eggs in our garden is a true honor and privilege.

Next year tho I will be taking it easy on the eggs cos to be fair he cannot eat all the treats himself and my butt is getting bigger each day cos *someone* needs to ensure that stuff doesn’t go off!


3 thoughts on “Easter 2014

  1. There is something about having children of our own that brings back the magic of our childhood.
    I’m happy for you Sam, happy you and me and the thousands others like us get to enjoy these simple pleasures that we never thought would be our reality.

  2. LOL…I LOVE how you made up for last year and went ALL OUT! I know you waited for this for years.
    And I LOVE how you brought Jesus into it too. LOVE.

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