Back to Work part duex…

So I started back at work yesterday.

Honestly I was in serious denial about having to return to work and as the day drew closer and closer it just never quite seemed real.  Still as I sit at my desk quietly tapping this post out I cannot understand how on EARTH has four months passed in a blink of an eye.

In one way I am glad to be heading back to work.  I miss the mental stimulation and the stress (yes the stress) of hitting my budgets.  BUT I am also really going to miss being with my little princess  so, so much.  She is at such a cute stage right now, my heart skips a beat when I think about all that I am going to miss out on with her.  I was chatting to a friend on skype yesterday about returning to work and what made me the saddest was the fact that Thembi will probably be the first one to see Gemma roll over (she is SO close to doing this).  Thembi will most likely be the one to see her sit properly unaided by cushions.  And that stings my heart.

I know she will be more than fine.  Thembi is just amazing and an integral part of our family who did a wonderful job of caring for our little dude when the time came for me to return to work nearly 2 years ago.  I know I will be fine.  That we will find our new normal and that soon this sting my heart feels everyday when I have to leave her will settle and we will be a groove of sharing our parental duties as we did with Kade.

I will be honest the traffic was worse for me than actually being back at work.  It took me an hour and three-quarters to get to work yesterday morning and took me over an hour to get home.  THAT is going to take some serious getting used to again.

So ching ching to finding our new normal as I get myself back into being a working mom.

The three of us on the morning of going back to work day.
The three of us on the morning of going back to work day.


Mommy and her little precious Gem
Mommy and her little precious Gem

8 thoughts on “Back to Work part duex…

  1. that time does go quickly – it went super fast for me. One minute they were born, next it was 4.5 months and I was going back to work in 2 weeks. (I only really started thinking again at 4.5 months so I didn’t miss any stimulation :))

    I LOVE you with your specs, by the way!!!

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