Blog, Tweet…. Meet! #JoziMeetUp

If you hang around on social media as I do, you would have noticed that in recent months both Cape Town and Durbs had some amazing blog/tweet meet ups.  I watched and thought “damn I wish I lived in CT/Dbn” and then wondered why there wasn’t an event like this in Jozi.  That said I also didn’t have the time and the energy to try to set one up myself while stewing in some serious FOMO.

Enter Laura!  I really don’t know how she does it.  She has 4 kids one of whom is a baby a tad younger than Gems and she decided to make this happen.  Enter stage left Sharon and Wenchy who helped her make this meet up a reality… Thank you again ladies for making this first #JoziMeetUp the awesome event that it was.


I am SO glad that I rsvp’d pretty much as soon as the invites were sent out via Twitter and Facebook.  For the longest time there have been people who I’ve been super keen to meet face to face as I’ve made connections with them via social media.  If we connected so well via an online forum, surely we would connect as “real life” friends too?


I was so excited to head to the gorgeous Sunnyside Park Hotel in Parktown on Saturday morning.  I didn’t know this hotel even existed but honestly it is such a hidden gem of Jozi.  They took such good care of us and put up with 50 very loud, very talkative women and their kids and babies.

I was delighted to re-connect with old friends and to make some really awesome new ones too!  Even if @Bron_stew kept on trying to steal my delicious baby 😉

IMG_20140510_180515 IMG_20140510_182113 IMG_20140510_182002 IMG_20140510_180744

THE SWAG BAG.  Oh, be still my beating heart!  THE SWAG BAG!!!


We were so spoilt, gifts from Le Crueset, Naartjie, Rain, Swani Day Spa, Killarney Mall, L’OrealBio-Oil and Wakaberry…all beautifully presented in a personalized tote bag from Macaroon.  It really doesn’t get better than this.

I would have been so happy to attend the event even without the Swag bags because I got to chat, laugh and connect FACE TO FACE with so many wonderful ladies who have touched me online on twitter or via their blogs.  I think all too often we can forget how important it is to be with people whilst tapping out messages of love, support, commiseration etc from behind our various technological screens (PC, tablet, smartphone!)

I cannot wait for the next one!

5 thoughts on “Blog, Tweet…. Meet! #JoziMeetUp

  1. It was such a lovely day out. Good to see some friends, met people you chat to irl and make new ones. I was a bit weary about attending but I am glad I did. And the swag bag, well impressive. My hubby was in awe of the personalised bag!

  2. It was totally fab! I see Cape Town is organising another one for August and I’m hoping to be in Cape Town for that one too!

    1. How awesome would that be? I think we need to get an airline sponsor who can send us all to each other’s meet ups 😉

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