Today you’re THREE!

My Dearest Kade

Today you are THREE!


It truly boggles my mind that you have been in our lives for three years already.  Three years have sped past and often I look at you and I just cannot believe I got so lucky.  So incredibly blessed.


You have literally exploded this year.  I think back to how you were just a mere year ago and I have to wonder how you are the same little person.  Last year was a year of screaming/crying/vomiting school drop offs whereas this year you happily walk into school and kiss us goodbye with no qualms in the world.  I definitely think skipping you a class was the BEST thing we ever did as you are now stimulated and love interacting at school.  You love jumping!  From the stool to the couch.  On the bed.  On a trampoline.  On a jumping castle.  As a boy who just a year ago had a broken femur I cannot explain how HAPPY this movement with NO fear makes me.


I am loving discovering how your little mind works.  The way you think about things before you talk and the way you process every little detail is fascinating.


I love that you seem to be like your old mom and have a love for words.  You keep on asking us to give you “big words” to say and you enunciate them so, so well.  You love animals and are very keen to do our “boxes for the poor kids” again this year.  You have such a giving little heart, I worry that you will be taken advantage of as you grow older but as much as I worry, I hope that this is a quality you will never lose.

IMG_20130704_183653_resized IMG_20130816_165429_resized IMG_20131026_111514_resized

In the last year you endured a broken leg, a stay in hospital for bronchial pneumonia, major household renovations, my pregnancy and the entry of your sister into our lives with aplomb.  You seem to take everything that happens in your life in complete stride, by first watching and evaluating the situation and then deciding to just be ok with it.  I’m not saying we’ve not had our “moments” but overall you handle life’s obstacles really well.

IMG_20130804_180607_resized IMG_20130907_073404_resized IMG_20130929_180401_resized IMG_20130927_175045_resized

You are now very nearly fully potty trained (just wearing a night nappy).  You were SO excited to wear undies and despite your persistent habit of being too busy playing/running around/watching TV to tell us you need a wee and hold it in because you are scared you are you are a champ in this department!  I cannot tell you how proud I am of you.

IMG_20130916_193711_resized IMG_20131101_075636_resized

You are THE BEST big brother ever.

I was worried that you would battle to adjust to Gemma and having to share us with her.  You were our complete focus for so long but you have amazed me at how fiercely you love your sister.  How accepting you are of the fact that she needs me more right now cos she is little.  Nothing warms my heart more than to see you interact with her and how proud you are of “mine Gemma”.  And let me tell you something my boy, that little girl loves you fiercely back.  Her little face lights up when she see’s you and she laughs and giggles with you all the time.  As a mother, this makes me SO SO joyful.

IMG_20140519_121025_resized IMG_20140516_104442_resized

My boy.  You are truly my gift from above.  God answered my hearts desires three years ago when He chose me to be your mother.  You are stubborn (just like mommy and daddy), you know what you want, you are determined, you are expressive, you are affectionate, you are loving, you are so open to living this life every moment.  You have a smile that could melt a thousand icebergs.

IMG_20140514_081850_resized IMG_20131202_185003_resized


IMG_20131129_141907_resized IMG_20131126_072143_resized IMG_20131223_173503_resized

I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for you as you grow and mature. I love you more than that!  To the moon and back.  Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big.

Thank you for being my boy.


11 thoughts on “Today you’re THREE!

  1. Wrote a long comment which just won’t go through, will try again.

    Sam this is a beautiful tribute to your boy. Jed keeps asking me why I love him and sometimes I struggle to find the words to express something so deep and multifaceted. Yet here you have managed to find the words to express all the awesomeness that you see in your boy. You have created such a stunning picture of him as he is through the eyes of someone who loves him to the moon and back and “thiiiiiiiiis big”. He can look back on this and know why he should love himself.

    Oh and congratulations on raising a boy who is so awesome!

  2. Huge Congratulations Kade and mum and dad !! You are a gorgeous boy … 3 is such a beautiful age. Love it . HOpe you and your lovely family are all well !! LOVe, Sophie

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