Out with the Old : In with the New

I always feel that I need to close off the year that was in order to move forward with the year that is, but this year I’ve just been feeling pretty “meh” about the task.  I’ve not really seen the point of closing 2014 off because honestly what is 2015 but yet another day I get to live my life?  Does it really matter if I’ve not done a mental or written round up of the past 365 + 6 days?

I guess in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t but I’ve been feeling a hankering for it the last two days.  Like a primal urge to get it done so I can formulate “proper” plans for the year that already is.


2014.  It was a year pretty much like any other.  It started off with fireworks (ended with them too actually) and plans to get Kade ready for school, to get myself ready to become a mother of two, to get the last of the work done and handed over before maternity leave.  All these plans and stuff that needed to be done.  That’s life thought isn’t it?  It goes on around you while you’re making plans… but I digress.

2014 was the year I became a girl mommy.  It has certainly been a learning curve for me, this girl mom thing as well as being a mom of two.  The balancing act has been hard at times and has often threatened to overwhelm me.  That said it was a good year for all of us as we found our little parts we play in the theatre of the Young household.

It was the year I discovered that taking some time for myself to do something JUST for me will not mean that my family will fall apart.  I learned to love running again in a very special way.  I had to find discipline and research programs etc pretty much on my own.  I trained for a half marathon and completed it.  I’ve found through other runners a sense of camaraderie, a running group, a madness and a love for the road that I had lost for a long, long time.

We lost my uncle to cancer.   It was hard to see my cousins deal with their loss which is still too fresh.

We saw my aunt in hospital way too often for my liking.  I have a feeling that we will lose another loved one in 2015 which breaks my heart.

I saw friends lose babies and husbands.  I saw friends have babies and husbands.  Bittersweet.  I mourned the losses and celebrated the gains.  Overall much like the past few years there have been highs and lows.  More highs than lows and in my mind that always counts as a victorious year.  Good outweighing the bad is always something to strive for.

So my hope for 2015 as I am already in the thick of party planning, preparation for the school year, organising for work to be done and sorted before we go away on a proper holiday is that I can count it as a victorious year as well.  That the good will outweigh the bad, that the highs will by far outnumber the lows and that I grow as a woman, mother and wife.

2015 – we’re here, in the now…

Lets do this!

2 thoughts on “Out with the Old : In with the New

  1. It just shows that when you start listing things off on the top of your head, you realise just how much happens in a year and how much you grow. Here’s to an awesome (running) year ahead!

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