On the road to nowhere

My running has taken a severe knock in the past couple of months.  I started off the year so well and was training consistently and pushing mileage and running good times, improving every run.  But.  My knee’s started to hurt.  Not ITB pain but like a bruised feeling right in the middle of my knee behind the cap kind of hurt.

I went to the physio who treated the symptoms but after several sessions they were no better so he suggested I see a bio.  I was training for the Knysna half and went to the bio to get me through the race.  He told me my glutes were weak and that my VMO’s needed to be strengthened.  We did three sessions in the three weeks prior to the half and true to his word, I got through the race with relatively pain free knee’s.

He also mentioned that he believed my shoes were not the right ones for me and that I must get new ones after Knysna but couldn’t tell me WHAT shoes to get.  I didn’t want to go back to the Sweat shop where I got the “wrong” shoes from and was at a loss.

In the mean time I started running less and less.  I just couldn’t get rid of the knee pain despite the bum exercises I was doing.  Then I saw that Jenty had gone to SBR Sport for a leg assessment and on her recommendation booked an appointment to see Mike myself.


It is quite something seeing your running style on camera (and your big bum!).  What was painfully clear was that my shoes were SO wrong! Their lack of support was putting so much strain on my knee’s as my leg was practically collapsing in on itself.  What amazes me is that it certainly didn’t feel like I was doing so much damage while running!  Mike concurred that my butt (piriformis) was again the root cause of the trouble I was having in my knee’s.  He also picked up that my lower back and shoulders are bearing the brunt of the wobbly bum piriformis weakness and that my whole back needed some work.

I got new Asic’s GT1000’s and ran for the first time in FOREVER on Sunday.  What a difference running in the right shoes makes! Whilst my knee’s were still slightly niggly after my run, I could feel the difference.  My glutes were working HARD while I ran for the first time since I started running again.

I’ve had two massage sessions with Mike as well and I can’t tell you the difference I am feeling in my body.  Yesterday while torturing working on my piriformis he asked me if I ever felt numbness in my leg.  Remember about two years ago when I had leg numbness and thought I had a brain tumour?  *Penny drop*

So it is Spring now and there are no excuses to not run anymore!  It’s warmer and lighter.  I have the right shoes now and doing several bum exercises.

Time to get off the road to nowhere and on the road to stronger running!

13 thoughts on “On the road to nowhere

  1. Yay for getting back to running and glad the new shoes seem to work.
    Cannot wait to run with you again 🙂 although I’m now a lot slower than you are.

  2. Yay!!! Nothing like getting a problem fixed!!! I’m going to make an appointment to see Mike as I think (ok I know) I need new shoes and want to professional help to make sure I get the right ones. Best I start saving up

  3. I also struggle on and off with my knee, but it is also from weak glutes. I have a nice stretching and strengthening program worked out for me by the biokinetiscist, and whenever I slack off on that my knee troubles me again. Glad you got yours sorted.

    1. I have to admit I am very inconsistent with the stretching and strengthening programme that I have been given. I need to figure out a good schedule to ensure I am working hard to get this issue right! I want to start increasing my training and I just can’t with the weak glutes and sore knee’s!


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  4. I’ve also been having a shitty time of running lately. I’ve been off for a month with plantar fasciitis…. bascially it feels like I have a bruised heel bone. I also saw a bio, and have been doing the specialized strapping.
    it’s ok for now, but man, its tough getting my running groove back!

    1. That sounds rather painful! I have to say the exercises the bio gave me work (when I am consistent in doing them) so there method to the madness. When he straps my back I can’t believe the difference it makes!

      Good luck getting your groove back!


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