The Slippery Slope…

I have never been a naturally slender person.

Even when I was in school and was super active doing all kinds of sports I had to keep busy and watch what I ate.  Having a mother who was also always battling with her weight and constantly on diet made me VERY cognizant of watching my weight and staying trim.  Added to that the bombardment that thin = beautiful from all forms of media lets just say I became rather self conscious and quite down on my “not naturally skinny” self.

Many years of infertility and comfort eating led to a rather chubby self before I had Kade and about a year after he was born I decided that I had, had enough of being fat and unhealthy.  I went on a journey and lost 23kg.  I started running.  I led the “right” kind of life.  Everything in moderation, burning more than I consumed and all that…

I maintained my weight loss well through my second pregnancy and bounced back to my pre pregnancy weight easily and stayed that way for ages. But you know… it’s easy to lose sight of the healthy lifestyle when life hits you.  I thought I could cheat more often because I was training hard.  I was surely burning way more than I was consuming… life got a bit crazy, I had time away by myself, work shifted into overdrive and bad food planning and quite a bit of work travel (which means eating out a lot) and a running injury later and I found myself battling to fit into my work trousers and when I stepped on the scale I was horrified to see that I have gained 8KGS!!!

I am now back to eating as healthy as I can, back to training as regularly as my knee’s will allow and I hope to soon fit into my clothes again comfortably…  it just goes to show that it is a quick slippery slope for me back to being larger than I would like and that for the rest of my life I will have to keep myself in line if I want to be an example of healthy living to my kids.

Do you battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight?

14 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope…

  1. Prof Noakes has an expression…. You cannot out run a bad diet.
    Ain’t that the truth?
    I’ve learned this the hard way too, made the same mistakes as you, thinking I could cheat more regularly because I was training so hard but it simply doesn’t work that way because a calorie is not a calorie and filling myself on bad calories and then thinking I could run it off simply didn’t work.
    I’ve also gained about 6kg’s over winter and like you started this week, focusing on eating right and exercising regularly again.
    I can’t Sam, I freaking CAN’T go back! NO WAY I’m gonna let that happen!

    1. I hear you! Thing is I know that for me it is a combination of the eating and exercise that works – I can’t do one without the other!~

      here is to getting our summer bodies back SOON|!
      And not falling into this trap again next year x

  2. I used to be very fortunate to have a high metabolism, and never had to make a conscious effort to eat healthy and watch my weight (not that I was ever skinny), although I always have maintained a balance meal, and working hard no matter what used to help me.
    I can pin-point 3 jobs where I worked my ass off, and never once had to think about what I was eating. (maybe espresso and peanut butter&jam sandwiches weren’t the best in-utero diet for mon Petite Monstre).
    Unfortunately, since work ‘downscaled’ and then ceased to exist, and then Mommy-age set upon me, I am becoming VERY conscious of my weight, because I am far off post-Beth weight, and its beginning to feel uncomfortable) but only in that I try not to eat pasta and bread for dinner, and I don’t drink beer during the week ;-).
    If only I had the diligence to cut it out, but being who I am, I love the good life just a little bit too much.

    1. a high motabolism and a busy job definitely helps – unfortunately I sit most of the day and was not blessed with the metabolism. That said i have also found that as I’ve aged it is harder to control and maintain and having kids has added another dimension to this whole thing as my body is just not what it used to be!

  3. I need to blog about this…. but I get you so very completely. I stepped on the scale today and I put on about 2 kgs over winter. That’s a lot when I wasn’t thin to begin with 😮

    YES to your email!!! I will email you!


    1. I am not in denial and realise that there will be a gain over winter – it’s darn cold to train in the mornings (and I don’t like the gym) but I was SHOCKED to see how much I had gained!

      Look forward to hearing from you friend


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  4. I am the same. I have gained four of the 16kgs I lost last year. This year it seems so hard to just do it! I have started running, but lately its been busy and tough to stick to. I really have to watch out because I gain weight if I don’t watch it and I simply wont go back to chubby me….although I feel rather chubby at the moment!

    1. I am feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin, it is really not acceptable! The good news is summer is here and we can all now get focused again cos lets me honest it is really MUCH easier to be healthy
      in summer.

  5. Yes to it all! I hate looking in the mirror, hate it! I am back to eating well but cant do much of exercise my feet have just been too painful to do much, physio says I have Plantar Fasciitis 🙁

    P.s You look skinny to me 🙂

  6. I try and be healthy for a bit and then I back slide… Oh and there’s no exercise happening, apart from jumping on the trampoline with Nicky!

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