I said what???

I used to fantasize about how amazing motherhood would be.  And it is amazing.  Literally everyday something happens with my kids that amazes me.

What I hadn’t expected was some of the things I would catch myself saying to those amazing creatures…

question mark

“Do not put your finger up the dogs bum!”

“No you cannot touch your own poo!”

“Do not eat the hadeda poo!”

“Stop putting stickers up your nose… and not in your ears either!”

“Stop drinking out of the dogs water bowl”

“Do not wee on your sister’s head!”

“Please do not fart in my face!”

“Don’t wipe that poo on your wall!!!”

Strangely enough you will notice that so many of the things I never thought I would have to say to my kids relate to their bodily functions…  Motherhood… totally glamorous hey?  That said I probably wouldn’t change a thing.  Probably… uuuuum, maybe just the finger in the dogs butt?

What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to say to your kid/s?

4 thoughts on “I said what???

  1. I remember I once said to A “Eat up your calamari and chips before you have more gem squash” She is a bit odd with tastes etc and at that stage she could happily eat 3 gems for dinner

  2. They seem to have a delight in gross things. Nicky thinks it’s really funny that he used to poop in his pants but that was so disgusting for me.

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