Happiness is… a Bunk Bed

Kade has been bugging us for a bunk bed FOREVER!

bunkbed 1

One of his friends got one about a year and a half a go and every time we would go over for a playdate ALL I would hear about was how cool Morgie’s bed is and “Morgie has a bunk bed”, “I had so much fun on Morgie’s bunk bed” and then would come the whining and pleading for a bunk bed of his own.

Look, I don’t blame the kid!  When I was little ALL I WANTED was a bunk bed.

We’ve been doing our research on bunk beds but holy moly guys, I am not sure if bunk beds these days are made of pure gold but gees louise they are EXPENSIVE!!!  Then you’ve got the added expense of the mattresses and new bedding.  It wasn’t looking so positive for our boy child to get his wish and I was bracing myself for another year of bunk bed whingeing…

Then an unexpected bonus payment happened and we did some more research found a reasonably priced (but well made) option and we bit the bullet and ordered the bed for Kade.  We told him it was his birthday present and that he would get it a bit early and then everyday since we’ve been asked “is it bunk bed day yet?”

Yesterday was bunk bed day!

He is SO chuffed with it.  He insisted on sleeping on the top bunk last night (my shattered nerves!) and even wanted Gemma to sleep on the bottom bunk. (she did not, she slept in her cot but we will soon transition her to his old “big bed” *sob*)

He is in love with his new (very cool) bedding and I am so happy that he’s happy.

bunkbed 2

There really is nothing quite like that joy you get when you are able to make your kids day.

9 thoughts on “Happiness is… a Bunk Bed

  1. Sigh. My girls have had a bunk bed since Beth was 2, and although it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, (basic raw pine), almost 6 years on, it’s seen better days. This has no doubt come from the constant cavorting that would take place on the top.
    We’re looking into a new set of beds, but living here in Europe makes it very different. We have very high ceilings, and we may get Alex a third-level double-bed size bed from Ikea, that will fit a slightly higher bed below it for Beth, and can put shelves underneath it.
    Problem is tho, if we ever move, we’re completely shafted, because it can’t be converted to anything lower. ?

  2. Oh I love it! We will have to move the boys to bunk bed towards the end of the year too as we will have to fit some desks into their room. I hope they view it with this much happiness too

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