A whole hand!

Kade Ethan,

On the 3rd June you turned FIVE.


You will find out in time as you get older that your mother has many grand intentions on getting things done at specific times and that sometimes it just takes her a while to get them done.  Like this blog post.  The intention was to write my annual birthday letter to you on the 2nd June and have it post on the 3rd… well… clearly that didn’t quite happen.  It’s taken me 38 years to realise that sometimes it’s ok to let go of the grand intentions and that as long as what needs to get done, gets done in the end, that the world won’t stop turning on its axis and the tides will not stop rolling in and out.  That’s your five year old lesson from your old mom.  Anyway enough said on that matter…

You entered into your fifth year with two wobbly teeth (the bottom two) and shortly after you had your birthday you fell at school knocked the one especially wobbly one and your teacher had to pull it out.  You were freaking out about the blood but as soon as the tooth was out you were as proud as punch!


You’ve had your first brush with ringworm and for the first winter in two years you had a bad chest infection again.


You are in perpetual motion.  You never stop moving, even when you are supposed to be watching a movie you are constantly up and down, jumping around and when I ask you to calm down you state calmly “I cannot mom, I am run by an engergizer bunny”


You are so smart, you have me gawking at you in amazement somethings with the things you come out with.  You have a delightful sense of humour and you have me giggling often at your silly jokes.  You are a good friend to your little buddies.  You are loyal and steadfast and I am so very proud of the boy you are turning out to be.


You take your job as big brother very seriously and you always insist on walking Gemma to her class every morning at school and your teacher tells me you check on her a few times during the day.  You fight like cat and dog over the silliest things (and drive me to my fair share of wine because of it) but at the end of the day, you always have your little sister’s back.  That is a great quality to have my boy.


You can drive me absolutely batty, but with one little smile and side eye wink you have my heart melted in a way that I don’t think another living soul will ever be able to manage.  I love you monkey bum, my defender of the faith.


May your 5th year be your most special one yet!

Lots of love





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