Stuck in a sickness cycle…

We are generally a healthy bunch, we get the sniffles here and there but overall we can’t complain about lack of health in our home… Until the last three weeks that is…

It all started at the end of July.  The 27th to be exact.  Kade came home from school and coughed once or twice that night.  Thursday dawned and he was right as rain, went to school, came home and that night spiked a fever of 39.6 and went into stridor in the early hours of Friday morning…

That was the start of it.

Sickness cycle (1)

The next night I was overtaken with massive fevers and body convulsions that lasted two days.  I had aching joints and a headache that reminded me of being on lucrin.  I started coughing as well.

Gems fell prey next and started with fevers and coughing.  Cliff thought he could dose himself up and avoid all the lurgy that was in our house, but alas two days later he was also man down.

sickness cycle (3)

In the last 3 weeks we have been to the doctor seven times.  Kade & Cliff once, Gemma thrice, me twice.  We’ve been on five sets of antibiotics between us.  Cortisone.  Celestimine.  Monte-air.  Bisolvin.  Pro-biotics.  You name it, we’ve had it in spades.

There has been severe sleep deprivation (Cliff and I), glazed eyes and listlessness (Kade and Gems) and just overall grumps to the max.

sickness cycle (2)

We have had to cancel so much in the last few weeks because I was not prepared to expose people to this super bug!  A 30th celebration (sorry Shan!), a very special baby shower, birthday lunch with a special friend (sorry Marce!), birthday parties for Kade (sorry my boy), family braai’s, lunches with friends visiting from overseas… We’ve been hiding out in our house and honestly I think we are all a little sick (haha excuse the pun) of our home!

I’ve been worried sick, overwhelmed and relieved all in the same breath.  I’ve been surprised at the kindness of a fellow mom who dropped off some pulmicort for me when we ran out and Gems was battling to breathe.  I’ve slept a sleep so dead the night my mom and sister took the kids so we could get some rest.

sickness cycle (4)

We seem to be turning the corner, we are all out of the grips of fever but are all still coughing (we’ve been told the cough takes FOREVER to go away) but I can tell you something, I hope and pray that we NEVER have to go through a sickness cycle like this again anytime soon.

Having a healthy family is something that I will never take for granted again.

sickness cycle (6)

8 thoughts on “Stuck in a sickness cycle…

  1. Oh I feel your pain! We had this exact same thing last year…it last more than 3weeks. Fortunately, no fevers, but everybody sick all round including the nanny. Two weeks ago, the hubster got sick and then the kids and then I got BRONCHITIS…joy of joys! Spent 8days in bed and I’m still not totally clear. Fortunately, the kids’ noses are just a bit wet but the hubster and I are still stuffy and fluey. Really hoping that it’s not going to come back with the vengeance!!! Get better soon xxx

  2. Heavens you guys were hit badly! We had one year (I think 2014) when all 3 kids and I actually had the flue true and proper. This year we have all had a horrid cold – including our Lucy and the au pair. Just H seem to be resistant to it.

  3. I for one, was so glad that we were still around after you turned the corner, and that we could touch base. Thank you for coming up to see us, albeit in slightly unusual circumstances. It was so lovely to see you and Cliff and Kade, and to meet Gemma. Xxx

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