BK (Before Kids) vs AK (After Kids)

It took me seven years of intense fertility treatment to finally become a mom.  If you had told me six years ago that in six years time I would be a mom to not one but TWO kids, I think I might have either laughed in your face or slapped you in it depending on my emotional state that particular day.

Yet, here I am!  Mother of two gorgeous, demanding, challenging, wonderfully intelligent children.  I would not change that for the world.


I have to be honest, there are a few things I miss about the BK me vs the AK me… and these are a few of them:

BK:   Saturdays were meant for afternoon naps or laying on the couch recovering from a bender the night before.

AK:   Saturdays are filled with kids birthday parties, and an afternoon nap needs to be scheduled with military precision to co-incide with one of said kids afternoon nap and has to be negotiated with promises of repayment to ones spouse.  Bender?  What’s that? A hangover with kids is like voluntarily walking on Lego pieces for hours on end. With a headache.

BK:   Having nice things!  Appreciating nice things!  Knowing nice things will last!

AK: I will just leave this right here…


BK:  Before I had children, I went for monthly pedicures.  I bought myself new bedding.  I bought new underwear often.  I didn’t worry about how much those running pants would cost me.  Basically once the bills were paid my money was my own to spend on myself.

AK: Nuff said…


BK:  Going out for lunch with friends meant a relaxing afternoon at a well known restaurant eating good (hot) food, sipping on Pims or wine, relaxing and chilling and chatting about our lives without a care in the world.

AK:   200w


What are some of the things that you miss about your “before kids” self?

8 thoughts on “BK (Before Kids) vs AK (After Kids)

  1. Haha brilliantly written!
    I miss the same things. Thankfully my kids are old enough to be left alone for a while and we now have awesome meals again, but spare time is still non existent.

  2. Hilarious and so true! I’m particularly chuffed to see a picture of what resembles our interior quite a lot…the scattered toys all over the floor…seems like we’re not the only ones 😉 My husband says that I’ve lost the “fun me” AK which is just sad. I’m trying constantly to get that back!!

    1. I am also glad that we are not alone in what our home looks like! My husband fights a constant losing battle – he cleans they mess, he cleans they mess. I think we all lose the “fun” parts of ourselves in a way because we have these humans that count on us to be “adult” and to make the “right” choices. Maybe you can find a “new” fun you that you can all enjoy?


      Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 06:05:30 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

    1. I think so many of us lose a lot of ourselves when we become parents – its so easy to focus on them and forget who WE are. Julia also mentioned missing silence, and whilst I do also miss having a quiet cup of (hot) coffee when I do get the chance to be alone, after about 10 minutes I’m all like “it’s too quiet…”


      Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 11:48:41 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

  3. Ha ha ha ha but we wouldn’t change this for anything for wish for the BK life would we.. and that is what makes it all fun..

    I must be the lone voice here but actually I don’t miss much about BK maybe because I never really did much other work, work, work and exercise 🙂

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