On Pixie Cuts and Growing Pains…

A little over a year ago I was so bored with my hair, it was driving me mad and I was desperate for something new and fresh.  My mom and sister had been nagging advising me about thinking about cutting it all off and the more I thought about it the more apealing the idea became.  So I took the plunge and went from having past shoulder length hair to rocking a cute little pixie cut.

New hair

It was light.  It was cool. It was funky.  I felt so free and sassy. It saved me a fortune in shampoo and conditioner.  I loved it… BUT… it also started costing me a fortune in haircuts to keep that cute and sassy style in shape.  What is it about hair that it grows like wild fire when short and like a tortoise traveling through molasses when you want it to?  I was having to have my hair cut every 3 weeks and it all started adding up.  Also… truth be told I like my face better when framed by a bit of long(ish) hair.

So I decided to grow it out in April of last year and its growing S L O W L Y.  I’m finally past that annoying tickle your ears stage but now I am seemingly stuck in the wispy around your neck slightly dated stage.


I’m getting frustrated with it cos it seems like it’s stuck in a time warp.  Do you think I should get it trimmed to get it in a bit more of a style or should I just vasbyt till it gets to my shoulders till I get the scissors out again?  Also how on earth do I get it to grow FASTER??  I’ve been told to use coconut oil but I HATE the feeling of oily hair – surely there must be another fast growing hair tip?

Hair guru’s help a frustrated girl out!

10 thoughts on “On Pixie Cuts and Growing Pains…

  1. When I want my hair to grow faster and add extra shine I use Lennons Bergamont essence, you can put it in your shampoo, but I find rinsing with it once a week and then washing my hair again to avoid the oily feel helps a lot.

  2. When I decided to grow out my locks a couple of years ago, my hairdresser advised that I put a half a tea spoon of Bergamot essential oils in my shampoo to stimulate growth. I don’t actually know if that works, but my hair does grow very fast.
    I’d vasbyt, you are so close to being passed the awkward-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-it stage!

  3. Ah they jumped ahead of me – yes, Bergamot it’s a Lennons product and some Spar shops even have it. Also if you add it to Gemmas shampoo, conditioner and rinse water she will never get those hair buggers. Has worked for A for 4 years and none – and your hair grown and is nice and shiny too.

    I have always find when growing hair that if you got o a good hairdresser and tell her what you are planning, they can trim it to be more manageable while growing it out.

  4. Oooh I LOVE the pixie cut – it’s so super cute and totally suits you!!!! That in between cut is the main reason why I’m delaying chopping ALL my hair off, haha.

  5. Go get a trim Sam. It helps to feel you have some sort of “shape” to the growing out stage. I have done pixie to long a few times and keeping it in shape definitely helps that horrid in between stage.

  6. Also love that pixie cut! But hang in there and let it grow. My hairdresser always tells me that long hair is easy. Tie up when you can. But the minute you cut, that’s when hair becomes a mission.

  7. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that short pixie cut – I actually think you look much better with that shorter hair but Sam, things are so expensive and I completely get that it’s unsustainable, money-wise 🙂

    I don’t believe that you can affect hair growth on the outside (to my scientific brain it doesn’t make sense) but what the heck do I know?!

    Good luck either way.

    PS did you see my email?

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Marcia… a dr once told me when I had an injury that anything I applied topically was just TLC :). But of course if doesn’t harm Why not.

    I like your hair either way. Short was very different but the current length is also

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