12 Married years…

Cliff and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary this year.  To mark the occasion we went to see the Parlotones Orchestrated show at Montecasino and oh my word, it was FANTASTIC! I’ve always loved the Parlotones but Kahn has this amazingly natural energy when performing live and honestly the orchestral element to the show reallyRead more

I said what???

I used to fantasize about how amazing motherhood would be.  And it is amazing.  Literally everyday something happens with my kids that amazes me. What I hadn’t expected was some of the things I would catch myself saying to those amazing creatures… “Do not put your finger up the dogs bum!” “No you cannot touchRead more

Run Samantha Run!

My Timehop lately is filled to the brim with memories that are making me feel like a serious running failure of late. Last year this time, I was well fit, I was running consistently, and even if I have to say so myself, really well.  I was consistently shaving minutes off my 21km times andRead more

TWO! (24 months)

My Darling Gemma Grace, or should I say my darling Hurricane Gemma? Today you are TWO! 24 whole months have passed since you joined this little family of ours and all I can say is “what a ride!”  You are honestly one of the most determined, passionate, stubborn, willful, crazy, busy but delightful little peopleRead more


It’s the end of yet another whirlwind of a year! I say this every year but honestly I cannot believe HOW FAST time goes these days.  2015 has had its ups and downs for the Young family but for the most part it has been good to us.  We had some challenging times when CliffRead more

Got the chop!!

If you’ve known me for a while, you will know that I am not adverse to experimenting with my hair.  I have been many different colours including black, red, blonde and a vibrant red/orange. I’ve rocked tried the chinese bob, the bob bob, one side longer than the other and the long hair gig.     I’veRead more

The Crying Game

Recently A month or so ago Stacey did a post about crying and posed the question “when last did you cry?” It sparked quite a bit of banter on Twitter and honestly there was so much that came out of that conversation that has been bumping around my head that I’ve not quite made senseRead more