Lessons I learned while running a Marathon…

On this Saturday just passed I ran my first ever marathon! I’ve been training for it over the past couple of months since I was mad enough to enter the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon after getting serious FOMO when my running buddies entered… Weekends have been dominated by long run after long run and whilstRead more

The Great Train Race!

COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED AND OUR LUCKY WINNER WAS CASSEY TOI!  CONGRATS CASS! Ever since Kade was a baby he has absolutely loved trains and his obsession with Thomas started young.  We had all the track sets and our collection of trains had included Thomas (about 4 of him), Percy, Emily, Diesel and even HaroldRead more

You can be anything : A Starlight Adventure

CONGRATULATIONS! COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED AND WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED ON FACEBOOK AND HAVE BEEN EMAILED.   Growing up I was Barbie nuts.  For every birthday and every Christmas I would ear mark which Barbie it was I had my eye on and my folks knew *well* in advance what I was hoping to getRead more