From Family of 3 to Family of 4!

This post is long overdue but life has been incredibly… incredible the last 10 weeks.  It’s funny that I only really seem to find my groove 10 weeks after my babies arrive cos looking back I only posted on here again when Kade was 11 weeks old too.

The 15th of January will always be a day etched into my memory.  Not just because it was the day that Gemma was born onto our family but because it was the day that we went from a tight-knit family of 3 to a tight-knit family of 4.

Having a planned c section was a very different experience than having an emergency one.  I was feeling very calm and excited for what was to come.

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I got to take some last belly pics, do my hair, put on some make up and walk calmly into the hospital.  I could plan what was happening with Kade. I even did some work once we’d checked into the hospital.  My mom arrived and we spent some quality time together while we were waiting for the c section time.

We were expecting to go in around 17h00 but they came to fetch me at 16h00.  We messed around in the waiting area and chatted and laughed.  Being wheeled into the theatre where my son was born 2 years previously was surreal. We put on our chosen music for the birth, went thru the prep for all the medical stuff and once the spinal was administered my divine midwife prepped me for skin to skin with our baby girl.

My c section ended up being a while lot more complicated than expected due to some major scarring and fibroids from my last procedure.  I knew something was up cos it was taking longer than I remembered with Kade and I could also see what my amazing obgyn was doing in the reflection of the overhead lights.  Thank God my obgyn is one of the best in the business cos he told me that it was one of the most complicated deliveries he’s had to do in years. Sobering thought indeed.

Once they had sorted out the scarring and fibroids they were ready to deliver Gemma.  I again got to see her head being taken out of my uterus and I immediately started crying.

2014-01-15 17.07.30 2014-01-15 17.10.19 2014-01-15 17.16.32 2014-01-15 18.02.19

My little miracle daughter was here and she was alive and crying and perfect!  We did the skin to skin and I got to welcome her and pray over her.  What an amazing blessing.

We then headed to recovery after the docs closed me up and I fed her.  Going back to our room was surreal, my poor mom was beside herself cos it had taken so much longer than anticipated and introducing her granddaughter other was one of the best moments of the day.

2014-01-15 18.44.06

The other best moment of the day was seeing Kade meet his sister for the first time.  The look on his precious face was priceless.

2014-01-15 18.37.25 2014-01-15 18.37.34 2014-01-15 18.37.36 2014-01-15 18.37.41

He kissed her and cuddled her and told granny to put her in mummy’s arms.  So so sweet.  I was initially worried that he would be jealous but he loved Gemma instantly and I am so happy that he is already the protective big brother.

I am so thankful to God for this gift.  Soon after we got married 10 years ago we started trying for a family and at a point in our journey with infertility we couldn’t be sure that we would ever have success… In fact we were sure we would not.  But God… He was faithful and we are now a family of 4.

Amazingly blessed.  Amazingly complete and happy.

2014-01-15 18.42.01

12 thoughts on “From Family of 3 to Family of 4!

  1. Makes me all teary thinking of you praying over her. I was just panicking (it’s only 32 weeekssssss – I think they all got tired of me saying that :))

    love the pics and yes, God is faithful!


  2. Love love love her pouty lips as she is pulked from your belly. That is definitely a 21st birthday keeper.

  3. Thank God for His grace always. The impossible is very possible with our faithful God. Things might take longer to happen but they do happen in His appointed time.

  4. She is precious and so so sweet. You had a very similar experience to mine, such a difference going for a planned C-section, it’s like going to the dentist to some extent. Much love to you all and I wish you the very best for the future, Fran xx

  5. Eh welldone and many congratulations to you and your DH !!
    It such a great thing to have followed you on your journey for some time and see how eventually God gave you this beautiful, perfect family !! I know you will take care of your precious gifts with all your heart and just want to wish you lots of love and fun and joy on the new Journey of a family of 4 !!
    Much Love, Sophie

  6. This story gave me goosies! I LOVE the image of you meeting her and praying over her. LOVE.
    Soooo thrilled for you, my beautiful friend. You now have TWO kids, Sjoe! God is GOOD.

    ps…I had to go back to Kade’s birth story and just cried all over my keyboard. Again. God is GOOD. Phew. Deep breaths.

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