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Being on maternity leave I’ve been watching a lot of TV. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker when it comes to reality shows and I was keenly following the Celebrity Apprentice All Stars. One of the tasks they had to complete was a LG infomercial featuring a really cool washing machine, so imagine my surprise when the very next week I was invited to a LG event.

Hosted at the Montecasino Bird Gardens, I got to learn about the new LG Sapience washing machine which takes washing our clothes to new levels in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.  This machine is the mother of all washing machines and has me wishing we had not just replaced our washing machine a few months back!

Look at what LG have to say about this amazing machine:

“Johannesburg, 27 March 2014 – The LG Sapience Washing Machine has been carefully designed to offer different washing motions to suit different washing duties. It is able to perform various drum motions or a combination of different motions depending on the wash programme selected, to mirror motions of traditional manual wash methods.

If you have been battling with different types of stains on different materials, then the LG Sapience Washing Machine is your solution, as it is diverse in its cleaning solution which results in quality cleaning. The results are sparkling! With six different ways to wash, the LG 6 Motion Washing Machine lets you choose the option that’s right for you and is your partner in fighting off dirty germs.

The LG Sapience Washing Machine’s 6 Motions are unique and all play an important role in providing you with the best washing experience:

This feature combines the rubbing of clothes as well as getting rid of tough stains effectively. At the same time it is kind to your fabrics.

The Sapience Washing Machine silently washes while laundry is rolled below the water level and creates a more frictional motion with the inner drum gently getting rid of tough germs and stains.

A heart shaped motion softly washes laundry below the water line from side to side and still gets rid of tough germs and stains.

Wave Force:
The Sapience Washing Machine spins and sprays laundry for a more thorough clean which helps with soaking the laundry faster and more evenly.

The Sapience Washing Machine minimizes creasing by using the LG 6 motion to rotate and compressing motion.

The Sapience Washing Machine effectively and forcefully cleans laundry for an effective wash.

With increased washing performance and 6 Motion Technology, the Sapience Washing Machine is backed by a 10 year warranty. LG’s Sapience Washing Machine also includes the Jet Spray, which reduces water usage throughout the course of the rinse cycle.

For enhanced consumer convenience, LG’s new top loaders offer bigger capacities of up to 20kg. With this bigger capacity it is, possible to wash the bulkiest of items including large sized laundry items. This helps to reduce the frequency of washing as consumers can clean larger laundry loads in one cycle. ”

At the event launching the Sapience to the press we (some other mommy bloggers and I) got a chance to shoot and kill some angry germs of our own!  Open to the public who stood a chance to win a LG washing machine daily from the Thursday till the Sunday, I thought “how hard can this be?”

2014-03-27 15.39.00 2014-03-27 15.39.3520140327_154115

I tell you what, it was not as easy as I thought but it was a whole load of fun!  I managed to shoot two angry germs but didn’t kill enough to get enough points to actually win a machine myself… much to my disappointment.

2014-03-27 15.45.122014-03-27 15.45.462014-03-27 15.45.5520140327_154649

If you have any angry germs living in your home and you need to kill them off, consider the new LG Sapience washing machine – it’s available at all leading retail outlets now!


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