I am wondering…

…when it is that we as humans lost ourselves?  There have been so many incidents that have happened in my world lately that make me question what the fricking heck is wrong with us?  What is wrong with people?  When did we lose respect, the willingness to help others and honestly when did we lose our humanity?

When I was smash and grabbed recently, the guy in the car behind me HOOTED at me because I didn’t pull off quickly enough for his liking when the traffic light turned green.  I was covered in glass, screaming and hugely FREAKED OUT because I had just been violated for a cell phone and all he could think about was getting me to move the hell out of his way.  What the actual hell?

Then I read that one of my twitter friends was assaulted and robbed a mere few meters from her home and the guy driving his car said he thought she was “playing” with the guy assaulting her?  He was frigging hitting her and punching her and the guy thought it was a GAME?  Come on.  That one just doesn’t fly.  I know that the guy was probably scared of getting beat up, but you know what?  If he had gotten out of his car and come to my friend’s aid, the bugger robbing her would have been out numbered.  Perhaps she would have gotten away with less of a fright and more of a feeling of community.

Another friend posted that she drove past a young child being bullied by an older child in full view of parents and NOT ONE DID ANYTHING.  Seriously???  You can see a small child being physically kicked by another and you as an adult don’t step in?  She turned her car around and took the bully on.  It wouldn’t have taken much for one of the adults sitting RIGHT THERE to make a stand.

I think about all these incidents and I wonder what the hell is wrong with us.  When did we become so immune to the wrong that is happening in the world around us?

In my church, we believe that we need to be socially significant.  That in order to be the light we need to embrace those in the community around us and help those who need it.   I believe this myself.   But I get extremely jaded when I buy groceries for a down and out man who stands at the traffic lights outside my suburb and he moans at me and says “where do you expect me to cook this shit?”  Granted perhaps a silly move on my part to have bought food that needed to be cooked but wow, I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction.  Did I expect him to get on his knee;s and bow down to me in thanks?  Not at all, but a little bit of gratitude would have been nice.

I am trying to keep my head on straight about the things that happen around me.  I am doing my level best to live up to a philosophy that I believe in wholeheartedly.  But sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my time.  If humanity is so lost that my little cup of coffee that I buy for the homeless guy who sleeps under a bridge on the hi-way makes any difference at all?  If the time I volunteer in abused woman’s’ homes would be better used being focused on my own little family?

Then I get a smile from that homeless guy.  I see a broken woman stand proud because she has managed to (even if for a short while) break the cycle of abuse for her kids.

And I know.  Every little bit helps.  Every small gesture I make can make a difference… and I keep on trying.


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