TWO! (24 months)

My Darling Gemma Grace, or should I say my darling Hurricane Gemma?

Today you are TWO!


24 whole months have passed since you joined this little family of ours and all I can say is “what a ride!”  You are honestly one of the most determined, passionate, stubborn, willful, crazy, busy but delightful little people I have ever known.


We call you Hurricane Gemma because you never stop moving, and you often leave behind you a trail of “destruction” (toys, towels, shoes, my underwear)  You name it you are into it.  You are OBSESSED with cream/lotions of any sort.  You have got stuck into the sudocrem more times that I can count.  You have emptied my very expensive wrinkle cream and kindly rubbed it into our Saffy dog (she looks quite youthful thank you for that) and you can often be heard saying “ipice ipice” (a jar of vaseline you use for your lips) followed by a determined “I do it!”


You also love drawing.  On yourself.  With khoki’s. We literally have to hide the khoki’s cos if you find them the FIRST thing you do is write/draw all over yourself.  I am both impressed and horrified with your artistic bent!

In this past year you have found your voice and you make no bones about using it.  Whether its to tell us what you want and how you want it or to SCREAM at your brother for daring to touch something you have your eye on, or to moan at the dogs who try and steal your food (it is at their exact mouth height), or to SCREAM in joy when you’re being chased by Kade around the house, boy do we know you are part of the family.


You are a funny, engaging little girl with a wonderfully delightful chuckle that I honestly can’t get enough of.


You’ve gone through a stage of hating the water.  From being a huge water baby it’s taken us some time to get you comfortable enough to get back into the pool with us.

You have become a real Daddy’s girl yet you still like to choose Mommy when we are both around.


Yes my little hurricane I can certainly attest to the fact that you are the cause of pretty much 98% of the grey hairs on my head, and yet just like when the eye of a hurricane passes over and there is a stillness before the storm rages again, you will sit quietly on my lap, fling your arms around me and ask gently “ickle back mommy?” You LOVE having your back tickled!


You hate wearing clothes and your nappy and yet you are not ready to allow us to help you potty train.  You love wearing panties BUT over your tights or shorts not under them.

You are going to have a little operation on your eye this year and it worries me but I do know that it is what is best for you in the long term.  You also start school this year once you’ve healed from your surgery.  I cannot wait to see how you blossom once you hit school and make some friends and rule the roost in your PINK class.


I never thought of myself as a girl mom my baby girl, but I know without a shadow off a doubt that my life would not be complete without you in it. I love you endlessly.


Happy 2nd birthday my little hurricane!


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