#NaturesFarmsChallenge – Savory inspired goodness

We’ve been trying out the Nature’s Farms products for a few weeks now and I have to say I am IN LOVE with their packaging.  It is clean, colourful and just screams “buy me, buy me.”

Natures Farms Savoury (1)

It doesn’t hurt that the products are really yummy too!  Once Gemma started feeling better she scoffed a whole bag of their black forest biscuits on her own and I have had to resort to taking the shortbread biscuits to work to even get one for myself!

Natures Farms Gen (2)

I’ve used the pasta a few times and I even made an old favourite that my Dad used to love eating last week Sunday – pap, booerewors and spicy sauce.  I used to make maize meal a lot growing up and I have to say this one cooks up so nicely and is smooth and just all round delicious!

BUT my savory challenge dish was actually a Bobotie inspired dish… I love bobotie but my family are not so keen on it so I took my usual recipe and gave it a bit of a twist… If you want to try it out here goes:

Bobotie Inspired Spicy Pasta Dish


¾ bag              Natures Farms pasta shells

2                         Onions

1                          Egg per plate served

Splash              Olive oil

500 grams       Extra Lean Beef mince

5ml                    Tumeric

2ml                    Cumin

2tsp                   Fresh green chilli’s

2tsp                   Fresh ginger

Handful            Fresh coriander

2 tbsp                Apricot jam

Small tin          Tomato paste

60ml                  Mrs Balls Hot Chutney

30ml                  Worcester sauce

2 handfuls        Seedless raisins

Salt & Pepper to taste


Chop onions and saute with garlic in olive oil

Add cumin and salt & pepper

Add mince bit by bit and fry until browned

Add tomato paste, ginger, chilli’s, apricot jam, chutney, Worcester sauce and fry on low heat (I added some light white wine to my sauce, again not necessary but you might want to add some water to have the sauce a bit less thick if you wish)

Boil water for pasta shells and cook until al dente – I added the 5ml of turmeric to the water to colour the pasta shells yellow but this is not necessary

Boil water and cook eggs until hard boiled (approximately 8 minutes)

Add raisins to the mince sauce and fry for a further 2 minutes

Plate pasta on the side of your plate, cover in mince sauce, and slice boiled eggs and place on top of the mince sauce, sprinkle with fresh coriander to taste


Natures Farms Savoury (2)

I have had the BEST FUN with this challenge – thank you to GWK Group and #NaturesFarms for asking me to take part.

If you wish to purchase these awesome products head into your local Pick n Pay, or for more information on Natures farms find them on Facebook, Twitter or via their website.


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7 thoughts on “#NaturesFarmsChallenge – Savory inspired goodness

    1. Well I pretty much lived on green chillies while pregnant with Kade so he doesn’t battle with spicy foods at all. Gemma didn’t eat this meal because she was sick at the time and not eating anything, but I think she would have not liked it (not a fan of spicy food). I would make it minus the chili if it was being served as a family meal for just us.


      Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 07:46:22 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

  1. There is a rather huge aversion to bobotie in the Carr household due to boarding school, and to this day my brother will not touch it even if it was me cooking a ‘deconstructed’ version.

    Reading this reminded me of the single occasion I did deconstruct bobotie, and maybe it’s a recipe I should add to my blog…

    Seems like you had fun with Natures Farm…what an opportunity!

    1. hahaha I can understand why there is an aversion in your home! I think it’s about the textures too soaking the egg and baking mince just doesn’t sound right…

      I say share the recipe!


      Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 05:57:08 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

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