Kids = Grey Hairs and Wrinkles

Five years ago I had no wrinkles despite being in my 30’s and I certainly didn’t have any grey hair to speak of.  At the tender age of 38 I have my fair share of wrinkles laugh lines and if I don’t colour my hair consistently you can see more than a sprinkle of silver in my hair.  I totally blame my kids for this!

Grey hairs (1)

I love them, I love them so damn much, but this is where the problem stems from because kids being kids they do shit that gets them hurt, they do shit that turns you into a human Spiderman as you leap over tables to catch the very chairs they are falling with onto hard bricks and in the process you get wrinkles and many a grey hair!

This last weekend I got about 500 million more wrinkles and grey hairs.  We took the kids to Lifestyle for ice creams and for them to burn off some energy at the playground and to have a few rides on the rides in the little fun fair they have there. (Am I the only one who thinks they are rather dear in their prices for said rides?)

Kade rode the caterpillar which he absolutely loves.  All was good, as we were heading to his next ride of choice – the race cars/go carts – Gemma saw me and started throwing a thrombie for me to ride in the train with her.  Quick parent swop done and dusted and off Gems and I went while Cliff took Kade to the race cars.  Kade rides those cars EVERY THURSDAY afternoon while he is with my in laws.  EVERY THURSDAY!

Well I am not exactly sure what happened (and neither is Cliff as he was watching Gems and I on the train) but as I got off the train one of the attendants comes to me and says “your son is with your husband in the bathroom mam” and I was like cool beans, then he says “don’t be alarmed but he had an accident”.  HEART STOP RIGHT THERE!  I was imagining having to deal with another spica cast all over again and rushed to see what was going down.

I could hear Kade screaming and crying and Cliff trying to calm him down in the paraplegic loos.  As I walk in all I see is the blood all over Cliff’s shirt and all over the basin.  Kade had somehow crashed into the barrier and smashed his face into the steering wheel of the car.  I’m normally the accident mom, the one who stays calm, deals with the situation efficiently and effectively.  I looked into my child’s mouth and wanted to pass out.  It was like a train wreck in there.  It looked like a chipped tooth was hanging by a thread, the gums were all bleeding and badly bruised and his two teeth that flanked the gap left by his baby teeth that had gone home to the tooth fairy looked like they had been smashed out of their roots.  I won’t lie, I was scared shitless that something was badly broken but was trying not to show it.

Grey hairs (2)

A trip to the ER where we were told that there was nothing they could do, except refer us to see a dentist I then tried to find an emergency dentist.  One would think that would not be a problem right?  Wrong!  After calling nine different places and “emergency dental” numbers, we finally got a consult yesterday mid morning.  Xrays show that there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage and whilst the two teeth have moved it won’t be the end of the world if they fall out or need to removed.  As for nerve damage to the new tooth that was coming up, we will only know once the tooth comes up properly.

I am so relieved that all is well but man alive, I really could have done without the added 20 years to my life!

How was YOUR weekend?


12 thoughts on “Kids = Grey Hairs and Wrinkles

  1. Grey hairs and wrinkles equals to parenting battle scars… Glad there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage

    But seriously the attendant.. That is exactly the kind of speak that causes a freak out. The only person I know who would be calm after hearing that is my hubby.

    My weekend definitely wasn’t as drama filled as yours .

  2. Oh man boys! Although our biggest injury to date was A that had to get 9 staples in the back of her head way back. But boys just see more prone to those everyday injuries. So glad there is no permanent damage

    1. Kade is constantly getting bumps and scraps etc! Always full of bruises. I just hope that this is the last of his “big” accidents, between this and his broken femur a few years ago, I think I’ve dealt with enough.


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