I miss Running

Perhaps this title is a tad misleading because technically I am still running but what I miss about running, is the way I was running last year before I got sick and then injured.

I was running so strong and my times were getting better and better.  I was doing at least one 21km race a month and I was FIT.  I was LEAN.  I was TONED.  I even had it in my head to enter a full marathon (which I ended up downgrading to a 21km due to injury) and I miss feeling confident in my running.


I can’t remember the last 21km race I ran and the way I am feeling right now I have doubts as to whether I can even manage to run a 15km LSD never mind a 21km race.


That said I know that I need to set myself a goal.  I need to get myself into the training for that goal frame of mind and I already know what the challenge I want to achieve is!  I am going to enter the RAC Tough One.  That’s 32km of pure hell hills!

I am amped to get my head (and more importantly) my health back on track with goal!



6 thoughts on “I miss Running

  1. Oh you can do an LSD for sure! You’re stronger than you think, there’s nothing wrong with the times of your runs!
    We’ll have to organise some Saturday early morning LSD’s when I get back from Cape Town 🙂

  2. After battling a sport I just for a while I know it is best to get well and be properly healed before getting back. As hard as it is for active people to rest sometimes it is just what is required…

    But you my friend are doing well considering the situation and I am certain you can and will do a full marathon very soon

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