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I woke up early on Heritage Day because for the first time in a VERY long time I was heading off to go and run a race.  The last race I had run was in March (Cradle which I had to downgrade from a 21km to a 10km cos of flu) and to be honest I was feeling kinda nervous laying out my kit and getting myself into bed early so I could be up and ready to leave for the race at 6am on a public holiday.


I got to the parking (I parked at a secure parking lot opposite Sci-Bono), had a leisurely breakfast, listened to my audio book for a while and then took a stroll to the start line.  The atmosphere was electric!  I was super impressed with how well managed the start line gates were (we were ceded for the race) and the gees with the 947 DJ’s on deck was just amazing!  I must admit it felt very weird running a race by myself.  None of my usual running buddies had entered the race and standing at the start on my lonesome was strange but also quite empowering.  I run by myself quite a lot BUT running a race on your own is not quite the way it’s usually done 🙂  I only realised AFTER the race that there were actually a lot of people I know that ran it – wish I had known this before the fact so that I could have hooked up with one or two of them.


The race itself was AWESOME!  There were so many bands and entertainers on the route and I have to comment on the marshals (many of whom were dressed up in their heritage gear) and JMPD officers who controlled the traffic – they were FANTASTIC!  Water points were so well managed and there was enough COLD water to go around.

The route was actually tough with a few killer hills but any run that ends in a downhill over the Mandela bridge has my vote!


The only criticism I have for the race is the start time.  It started at 08h00 and by the time I finished in 1 hour 10 minutes it was BOILING hot.  I hope that when they have their 2nd FNB Joburg 10Km next year that they consider starting a bit earlier.  Other than that, this was a divine race and one I will definitely do again!



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  1. Go you well done!!! Here’s to being back on the road.

    The start time was part of why I chose a different race on the day. (Started at 6am) and was back home by 8am when you were starting. Too late for this time of the year. I’m used to doing races by myself (being so since 2009 so used to it) and I actually quite enjoy it as I use it also as a ME time plus I’m slower than most people I know so even if I start with other people I usually ask them to move along so I don’t slow them down

    1. Yes you have always been very good at doing races on your own. I just love going with a crowd and having everyone “there for each other”

      I will only do it again next year if they start earlier!


      Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 08:46:36 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

  2. Out of everything I read you know the phrase that stood out to me?

    listened to my audio book

    So when? Since when have you joined audible? I’m thrilled with this news 🙂

    Well done on the race!

    PS I do everything alone 🙂 It takes too much energy to involve other people. The crafternoon is about the edge of my sanity for now and next year, that’s that!

    1. I actually joined Audible in June, I downloaded a non fiction that you recommended about the kids and I just hated the narrators voice, in fact I still have not completed listening to the book! I then tried a fiction read by a female narrator and enjoyed that much better (The Girl on the train). I have just completed The Forgotten Garden and am now listening to When I’m gone and I have to say that I definitley prefer female narrators.


      Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 19:41:50 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

  3. I didn’t tell anyone we were running. Two reasons: our besties had entered and were unable to run so we scored their VIP race packs. The other reason, I work for the Blue Bank so this felt like such betrayal to the brand! LOL. But I agree, great turnout, well-organised and the vibe was fantastic! The only negative as you’ve highlighted was the heat. I died! In the end, we decided, hey, it’s a holiday so let’s relax and enjoy. Catch you at the next race!

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