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Growing up I was Barbie nuts.  For every birthday and every Christmas I would ear mark which Barbie it was I had my eye on and my folks knew *well* in advance what I was hoping to get as my gift.  I had a peaches and cream Barbie, I had ALL the members of the Barbie and the Rockers band (and the stage mind you), I had Doctor Barbie… even all those years ago Barbie was telling me that I could be anything.

When we were invited to attend the Barbie Starlight Adventure Screening at Sci Bono this last weekend, I jumped at the chance.  Gemma is at the stage now where she is starting to tell Barbie apart from her other dolls and I really wanted to have a fun time with her and Kade at the event.

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It did not disappoint!  The Sci Bono screening area was transformed into a pink and purple galaxy and there were cupcake decorating stations, colouring in stations, face paint stations and of course a meet and greet area where all of Barbie’s biggest fans could get to meet her, hug her and snap a picture with her.  The attention to detail was magnificent – from Barbie hand wash and hand cream in the bathrooms, to the Barbie milkshakes, to the Barbie Starlight Adventure labeling on the water bottles… and the FOOD!  Oh my gosh the FOOD!


Gemma decorated about 5 cupcakes (can anyone say sugar rush) and was SO excited to watch “her” Barbie movie.  She was seriously convinced that the entire event was hosted just for her.  Then my lucky little Hurricane won one of the spot prizes before the movie was screened!  I mean just look at this face – you can’t get more delighted than this!

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The movie itself is a delightful one which all kids will enjoy.  Like all Barbie movies it focuses on how team work, friendship and being true to yourself helps you “win the day”.  Kade really enjoyed it and now wants to become a hover board champion who saves the galaxy!

As if we hadn’t been spoilt enough, each child was given the most amazing goody bag when we left the screening.


Now this is where it gets good for you… I have FOUR (yes you read that right) awesome Barbie goody bags to give away to FOUR readers.  All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter draw below.

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15 thoughts on “You can be anything : A Starlight Adventure

  1. I’ve always loved Barbie (an really excited for them to release the chubby blue haired one!) and Fysh loves the barbie movies muchly as well. Always excited when there’s a new one available. I enjoyed the rock princess one where they get mixed up in the island and Fysh like the newest puppy adventure one on the island but also the one with the horses with pink manes. (I’m horrible with the names sorry).

  2. Nutcracker’s my favourite for many reasons. One, it has Major Mint, a character I really love. Second, it’s the first Barbie movie I saw. I won’t go into the rest. Island Princess is my second favourite.

  3. Barbie and the Great Puppy Adventure is our favourite. My daughter even named her puppy after Barbie’s, Taffy ?

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