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If you know me at all, you will know that I am obsessed with photo’s. I get so much joy in snapping happy (and sometimes not so happy) memories of my kids whether it be on my phone or with the big camera. I am also a firm believer in putting pictures up on my walls and as such my house has plenty of frames up with snaps we’ve taken over the years. Parties, family, our wedding and of course our beautiful blessings : Kade and Gems.


I have created a picture wall under our loft area next to our fireplace and my mom bought me a reconditioned door picture frame about four years ago.  I have just never found the right photo’s to go in there and it is now a standing joke among us that those frames are always destined to say sold…




I was contacted by my friend Mandy-Lee Miller (Pregnant in Cape Town) to work on a #MakingMemories campaign in collaboration with Kids Emporium who ran the making memories campaign in their stores in July whereby they teamed up with local photographers to give their customers some awesome memories.


I don’t know if you’ve ever shopped at a Kids Emporium store but go with lots of money because you will want to buy all the things!  What I love about Kids Emporium is that they think local is lekker and supporting local is a huge part of their ethos.


I got teamed up with the amazing Celia Van Niekerk who gave me a family studio shoot to  review.  All I wanted from the shoot was to get three decent images of the family so that I can finally fill those frames and stop the “sold” jokes.  I don’t know how she did it (Gemma was being her usual Hurricane self and Kade was doing his cheese smile thing) but Celia got some awesome shots… now the problem is I can’t choose which images to use! 0017_samfamily_celiavanniekerkphotography

Help a girl out – tell me in the comments which images you love most!






19 thoughts on “#MakingMemories with Kids Emporium

  1. Hi Sam! Sigh, if only I had an art gallery of all my favourite photos… These days I have to make do with re-purposing my frames and I update the photos every few years, and it is certainly no easy task- I have to find a theme that combines various different objectives.
    Anyway, I envy your photo shoot. Firstly, to get my hubby to relax enough to allow posed photos would equate to walking the Eiffel Tower without standing in a queue- MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.
    Secondly, I would really love to actually BE IN photos with my children, and actually look like I belong there, all prettied up if you know what I mean? (Not with last weeks clothes on and last nights smudge of mascara after a drink with the gals).
    But I digress.

    I love the solo pic of Kade- the form, the singular chromatic-ness of it, and if you have something similar of Gemma, I would use 2 solo photos of the kids, on either side of family pic taken from above- its just a cool abstract perspective to fit in with the arty shot of Kade.
    If you dont have a similar pic of Gemma, I think you should do the 2 frontal family portraits alongside the pic of Gemma sitting on top of Kade (lying on his tummy).

    Good Luck!

    1. Hey G,

      I also re-purpose the frames and change up the photo’s every now and then. I love having photo shoots done but they are rather pricey and we’ve not done one since Gemma was one, doing them tho is the only way I am in photo’s with my kids that are not selfies taken on my phone! I do actually have a similar one of Gems that I am toying with using. Will probably end up printing a whole load and playing around with them in the frame to see what works best.


      Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:48:43 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

  2. All of them! Haha. I like the one with the kiddies holding your hands and the adults faces out of the shot (something different about it). Kade balancing on hands is a winner! And then the last one is stunning. x

    1. thanks for your input B, I do also like the one with us holding hands and the focus being on the kids… I got a great one of Gems alone similar to the one of Kade and I think I am going to maybe use those on blocks for our bedroom. Aaargh too many choices!!!


      Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:56:21 +0000 To: se-ri-ous_sam@hotmail.com

  3. Okay, you have to think visually too so I’d say the two family black and whites on the side frames, and then the one on the floor in the middle, OR

    the top black and white in the middle, and the two colour family ones on the sides.

    And I vote for family pics because your instagram is full of your kids and I like to see ALL of you 🙂


    1. I was also leaning towards doing the family ones cos that was kind of the point but I do have a lovely single shot of Gems similar to the one of Kade and thought a nice family one in the middle with those two flanking it would be nice. I can see I am going to end up printing a whole load and playing around with them.

      Thanks for your input.


  4. I would print them all.. you know I love pictures but If we really really gave to choose. One of picture 2 or 4 of the kids . One of 5 or 8 of the family. And definitely the one with the kids and daddy and mommy partly showing. The only thing Is I would make them all color or all black and white

    Can you tell I couldn’t choose only three. If you like pictures in the bedroom I would blow up some onto canvas for the rooms. These pictures are too stunning

    Ps: when next I see a good photo shoot special I would let you know.

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