Saving the day with the PJ Masks {WIN!}

PJ Masks Hamper R2000.00


If like me, you live with serious PJ Mask fans, you will be familiar with the phrases “Into the night to save the day” “Super Cat Speed”  “Super Owl wings” and “Super Lizard Grip” and know the in’s and out’s of how these super hero’s work together to defeat the villians Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja!

If you don’t know who the PJ Masks are, what rock have you been living under? Seriously they have to be THE cutest toddler super hero’s ever!  By day they are Connor (Catboy), Amaya (Owelette) and Greg (Gekko) but by night they transform into hero’s who solve challenges and literally “save the day”.  Villains are silly and always leave clues for our hero’s who solve the problem that they have caused and make everything great for the next day at school again.  Don’t tell anyone but I have quite the soft spot for the villians – all of them have their own insecurities and I love that as part of the solution more often than not the PJ Masks befriend them to solve the challenges they find themselves facing.

Dual pack figures

I know many moms have been asking when the PJ Masks toys will be hitting South African shores and the GREAT news is THEY ARE HERE!

The team at Just Fun Kidz have brought in the most amazing ranges – masks, figurines, cuddly plushes, deluxe vehicles, bath squirters… you name it they probably have it!  My kids were super lucky to be sent  hamper of PJ Masks toys to review – the hamper included 2 x Basic vehicles which each came with their respective PJ Mask articulated figurine, 1 x Deluxe Vehicle which repeats key phrases from the TV show and has lights and sounds features, as well as the appropriate articulated hero and 3 x Dual Figure packs which each contained 2 x articulated figurines – this meant we got all 6 characters and I swear my kids were in heaven!

Basic vehicle all 3

I loved that the vehicles all allowed space for all the hero’s to be seated just like they would be in the TV show.  They are tough and durable and the toys have been played with non stop in my home and are still looking brand new.  I am loving hearing the new story lines that my kids are coming up with as well.  I love that their imaginations are being stimulated and that they are thinking of new things for the villains to get up to so they can save the day.

Deluxe Vehcile

Speaking of story lines, I teamed up with Sharon from the Blessed Barrenness and Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust on a very cool Facebook live video, if you didn’t tune in live head on over there to see exactly what you missed!


Who wants to win a PJ Masks hamper valued at R2000.00?  It will include the following items:

1 x Deluxe Vehicle & figure

2 x Basic Vehicles & figures

3 x Dual Figurine packs (all 6 characters!)

To enter:

  1. Tag 3 friends on the pinned PJ Mask competition post on my Facebook page – Sam’s Communique – to let them know about this awesome prize! (I would love it if you gave my page a like while you’re there anyway… but this is not required!)
  2. Follow me on Twitter, and tweet about this competition tagging @theclam AND @just_fun_kidz
  3. Comment below to let me know who your favourite PJ Mask character is!
  • Winners will be drawn randomly on 15th June 2017 and judges decision is final
  • No correspondence will be entered into regarding the final decision
  • Winner will have 3 working days to claim said prize – if not claimed within this period, a new winner will be drawn and announced
  • If you have won this hamper on either Sharon or Maz’s blog’s you will automatically be disqualified.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries should all entry mechanism’s not be followed.


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79 thoughts on “Saving the day with the PJ Masks {WIN!}

  1. Eeek , I’d be the “bestest best best mummy” if i won this. I’ve got a little girl and a little boy, so our household is usually a mix of all the characters, depending on the task they’re helping me with. Help mum find something use super owl eyes help fetch something uselse super cat speed….and so on and so on.

  2. Loves watching you ladies live. You should definitely do that more often.

    My son loves Gekko. He runs around the house shouting “Super Gekko Muscles”.

  3. It has to be CATBOY. .. my son’s name is CONNOR, so you can imagine how my 5 year old goes on during the show.. Connor becomes CATBOY. We have to call him CATBOY during the show lol

  4. Oooh, Gekko looks amazing and reminds my 4 year old daughter of the chameleon she wants as a pet lol (this would be a very good replacement)

  5. CATBOY, my little boy is the biggest fan, celebrated his birthday last month with this theme, will be so awesome to win this.

  6. My 5yr old son loves Catboy. Would love to win this hamper and cheer him up. He has recently been put on two asthma pumps and has been sick for weeks on end. Fingers and toes crossed. Good Luck everyone.

  7. Our little boy loves Catboy (Connor), and so do I … He’d love this awesome giveaway! Liked, tagged, following and tweeted ♡

  8. My son’s favourite is Gekko. I have to make him climb walls and catch him as he leaps into action like his hero! Awesome fun!

  9. So I’ve been living under a rock!!!! But I found out my child not only knows PJ masks but she loves them and her favourite is owlette!!! Though I suspect if I ask her today she would have changed her mind and probably tell me I love them all mommy!!

  10. Brett loves Cat boy, with his super cat speed, ok loves is an understatement… They took so long to start selling these figurines. Brett cried until I actually took him with me to the toy store to show him that there really was none. This would be such a lovely surprise for him

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